Tim Bajarin

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Tim Bajarin
Born (1950-05-04) May 4, 1950 (age 67)
Occupation High Tech Industry Analyst
Children Ben Bajarin

Tim Bajarin is an American technology columnist and a technology consultant. His writing and analysis has been on the forefront of the digital revolution. He was one of the first analysts to cover the PC Industry and is considered one of the leading experts in the field of technology adoption cycles.[1] He is president of a technology company called Creative Strategies, located in Campbell, California.[2]

He is a leading columnist for PC Magazine and Time Magazine.


Bajarin is a futurist and is credited with predicting the desktop publishing revolution three years before it reached the market and multimedia.

He has been with Creative Strategies since 1981 and has served as a consultant to most of the leading hardware and software vendors in the industry including IBM, Apple Inc., Xerox, Compaq, Dell, AT&T, Microsoft, Polaroid, Lotus, Epson, and Toshiba.[3]

He also serves on the technology advisory boards for IBM, Compaq, and Dell.


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