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Tim Barela (born 1954 in Los Angeles, California),[1] is an acclaimed gay cartoonist, best known for his creation of the comic strip Leonard & Larry.[2] The Leonard & Larry characters first appeared in a 1984 issue of Gay Comix, then were later featured in The Advocate and Frontiers magazines.[3] The comic series is collected in four volumes published by Palliard Press.


Barela began working as a cartoonist in 1976, producing an untitled comic strip for Cycle News. This led to strips for Biker magazine (1977-1978), Cycle World (1977-1979), Choppers (1978-1979), and FTW News (1979). In 1980 he developed for possible syndication a comic strip titled "Ozone", which included a gay character named Leonard who had a "roommate" Larry. The strip was unsuccessful, but he pitched a strip featuring those two characters to LGBT news magazine The Advocate, which turned it down.[1]

Editor Robert Triptow encouraged Barela to develop the strip into longer multi-page stories, which began running in Gay Comix starting with #5; the strip was also featured in a special issue dedicated to it, in 1992.[1] The strip was also featured in Strip AIDS USA.[1] A later editor at The Advocate ran the series from 1988 to 1990, after which it was published in rival LGBT news magazine Frontiers for many years. The strip was part of Out of the Inkwell, a play presented in 1994 by San Francisco's Theatre Rhinoceros.[4]

The Leonard & Larry collection Kurt Cobain & Mozart Are Both Dead was a nominee for the Lambda Literary Award in the Humor category.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Barela became a fundamentalist Christian in high school, but began attending a Metropolitan Community Church congregation in 1980.[1]

He is a former[6] avid motorcyclist.[4]


Leonard & Larry has been released in four different collections which include:

  • Domesticity Isn't Pretty (1993)
  • Kurt Cobain & Mozart Are Both Dead (1996)
  • Excerpts from the Ring Cycle in Royal Albert Hall (2000)
  • How Real Men Do It (2003)[4]


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