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Tim Bricheno (born Timothy John Bricheno, 6 July 1963, Huddersfield, Yorkshire) is an English guitarist, songwriter and music educator. He was a member of several notable English indie bands, including All About Eve, The Sisters of Mercy,[1] XC-NN (originally "CNN") and Tin Star.[2] He has also played as a tour guest and recorded artist with The Mission.

Bricheno has written music under several pseudonyms for recording artists including Dusty Springfield, Gene Pitney and Wade Snowman. He currently plays in 'Jok', a band formed with ex XC-NN, and former Tin Star vocalist, David Tomlinson.

Bricheno is a songwriting tutor and course author at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford.[3]

Moved further into the field of library music for TV and radio production over recent years with several production music cds bearing his name being registered with dedicated library music companies


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