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Tim Burns is a Canadian writer and producer for Canadian and American television; more popularly known as the show runner/executive producer of the Teletoon-Disney Channel shared, supernatural comedy-drama series, My Babysitter's a Vampire and for writing its TV pilot film. He was also supervising writer of the third season of Crank Yankers and was a composer on The Sunny Side Up Show.


Tim Burns began his writing career writing an episode of The Jim Henson Hour in 1989, two years later he created the sketch comedy The Idiot Box with Alex Winter and Tom Stern. He portrayed Frogman in the movie Freaked, also wrote the soundtracks "Wienerschnitzel Polka", and "Freekz!" That's What They Call Us!, along with writing and performing the song "Pick-A-Freek". Burns wrote two episodes of Blackfly and was supervising producer for one episode.

Burns also began composing in 1996 with Hello Mrs. Cherrywinkle, and other shows like The Good Night Show, Saul of the Mole Men, and The Sunny Side Up Show from 2007 until 2009. He also worked on soundtracks for Nancy Nancy, Young Person's Guide to History. Burns wrote an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 2008, "Destroy Malevolence". In 2010 he wrote the teleplay and story for the Teletoon TV movie, My Babysitter's a Vampire, when the movie became a series, he became executive producer of the series and wrote the series premiere episode along with two other episodes so far.


Year(s) Show(s) / Movie(s) Occupation(s) Notes
1989 The Jim Henson Hour Writer Episode: "Dog City"
1989–1990 The Sweet Life Writer All episodes
1991 The Idiot Box Writer and Creator Episode: "The Best of the Idiot Box"
1993 Freaked Writer
Acting role

Portrayed Frogman
Writer: "Wienerschnitzel Polka", "Freekz!" That's What They Call Us!, "Pick-A-Freek". Performer: "Pick-A-Freek"
1996 Hello Mrs. Cherrywinkle Composer
1997 An American Werewolf in Paris Writer
1999 The Chimp Channel Writer & co-executive producer
Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang Writer
2000 Canadian Comedy Awards Himself
2001–2002 Blackfly Writer
Supervising writer
2 episodes: "Kettles from the Land of Cool Stuff" & "The Love of the Game"
1 episode: "Surprise"
2004 Geraldine's Fortune Writer
2005 Crank Yankers Supervising writer Season 3
The Good Night Show Composer
2006 Nancy Nancy Soundtrack Performer: "Night Games", "Moonlight & Magic"
2007 Saul of the Mole Men Composer 16 episodes: "Blood Is Thicker Than Walter", "Finger of Fate or the Fateful Finger", "Fun King", "Work the Sack", "Moustache Ride", "What's Happening Down There?", "IC-CAWWWW!", "Hammer in His Hand", "Children of Embers Blaze", "Faster Robot! Upload! Upload!", "Girly", "Saul Comes Back", "Spare Me My Beets", "Village of the Damned Dolls", "Poor Clancy's Almanack", and "Saul-id Rock"
2007–2009 The Sunny Side Up Show Composer
2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Writer Episode: "Destroy Malevolence"
Young Person's Guide to History Soundtrack Writer: "Moustache Ride"
2010 My Babysitter's a Vampire Writer, Teleplay & Story
Spliced Writer Episode: "Best Before Date/Stompabout"
2011–2012 My Babysitter's a Vampire Executive Producer

Episodes: "Lawn of the Dead", "The Brewed", "Welcome Back Dusker", "The Date to End All Dates (Part 1)" (story)

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