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Tim Cartmell is a martial artist best known as an author and translator of martial arts books. He is an Eighth Degree Black Belt (Master) in Kung-Fu San Soo, and a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He placed first at the 2003 IBJJF Pan Championship as a brown belt (Senior 2),[1] and first at the 2004 IBJJF Pan Championship as a black belt (Senior 2).[2]


  • Principles, Analysis, and Application of Effortless Combat Throws Publisher: Unique Publications (August 1998) ISBN 1-883175-06-2 or 0865681767
  • Xing Yi Nei Gong: Xing Yi Health Maintenance and Internal Strength Development by Dan Miller, Tim Cartmell; Publisher: Unique Publications (October 1998) ISBN 0-86568-174-0
  • A Study of Taijiquan by Sun Lutang, Tim Cartmell (Translator), Publisher: North Atlantic Books (June 2003), ISBN 1-55643-462-6
  • A Detailed Analysis of the Art of Seizing and Locking by Zhao Da Yuan, Translated by Tim Cartmell
  • The Method of Chinese Wrestling by Tong Zhongyi, Tim Cartmell (Translator), Publisher: North Atlantic Books (November 9, 2005) ISBN 1-55643-609-2
  • "Standing Grappling: Escapes and Counters" DVD December 2006
  • "Traditional Sun Style Taijiquan" by Tim Cartmell, Troyce Thome, Publisher: Learning Solutions; 1 edition (September 17, 2010) ISBN 978-0-07-803914-0


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