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Tim Cresswell (born 1965) is a British human geographer and poet. Cresswell is the Ogilvie Professor of Human Geography at the University of Edinburgh having formally served as the Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut.[1] He is a human geographer by training and the author of six books on the role of place and mobility in cultural life, co-editor of four collections and an inaugural managing editor of the journal, "GeoHumanities".[2] Cresswell is a leading figure in the mobilities paradigm. Tim Cresswell is also a poet and the author of two collections published by Penned in the Margins "Soil" (2013) and "Fence" (2015).[3][4] "Fence" was a result of Cresswell's participation in the artist Alex Hartley's nowhere island project.[5]


  • (2019) Maxwell Street: Thinking and Writing Place
  • (2015) "Ne pas dépasser la ligne! Fabrique des identités et contrôle du mouvement dans les lieux de transit (with Geraldine Lay and Mikaël Lemarchand)
  • (2015) Fence (poetry)
  • (2014) Place: An Introduction (Second Edition)
  • (2013) Soil (poetry)
  • (2013) Geographic Thought: A Critical Introduction
  • (2012) Geographies of Mobilities: Practices, Spaces, Subjects (co-edited with Peter Merriman)
  • (2008) Gendered Mobilities (co-edited with Tanu Priya Uteng)
  • (2006) On the Move: Mobility in the Modern World
  • (2004) Place: A Short Introduction
  • (2002) Mobilizing Place, Placing Mobility (co-edited with Ginette Verstraete)
  • (2002) Engaging Film: Geographies of Mobility and Identity (co-edited with Deborah Dixon)
  • (2001) The Tramp in America
  • (1996) In Place/Out of Place: Geography, Ideology and Transgression University of Minnesota Press

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