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Tim Dedopulos is a British-born writer, game designer and editor of mixed English and Greek heritage. His published material covers a wide range of areas—novels, short-stories, game supplements/strategy guides, direct mail self-help booklets, light popular culture books, and more serious non-fiction works on a variety of subjects.

Career history[edit]

Dedopulos was born in Winchester, Hants on the last day of the 60s, and graduated from University College, London in 1993 with a degree in Anthropology. He has been writing professionally ever since, often in conjunction with more traditional editorial day jobs. Early in 1995 he joined the Glasgow office of Seattle games giant Wizards of the Coast to work on their dystopian future-horror game SLA Industries. The game line was dropped just before Christmas that same year, and after a period of freelance work, he moved to London publisher Carlton Books, where he worked as Executive Editor.

In 1998, Wizards of the Coast gave all rights to SLA Industries back to the original creator, Dave Allsop. Allsop and original SLA designer/co-writer Jared Earle invited Dedopulos to join them in reforming the original company that had produced the game, Nightfall Games. Dedopulos worked as de facto Managing Editor of Nightfall until the company's publishing partner, Hogshead Publishing, closed its operations in 2003.[1] He has been writing and freelancing since then.

In 2011 he devised The Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google Earth, a book and online based treasure hunt that uses complicated clues in the associated book, online social media and Google Earth to find a hidden treasure.[2]

Selected bibliography[edit]

Dedopulos's publication history includes more than 100 works as of 2016, with almost 200 more as editor. A selection is given below.



  • Mensa Logic Tests (2016, Carlton Books)
  • Whodunit Mysteries (2016, Arcturus Books)
  • The Biggest Pub Joke Book... Ever (2016, Carlton Books)
  • Einstein's Puzzle Universe (2016, Carlton Books)
  • The Middle Earth Puzzle Collection (2015, Carlton Books)
  • Whodunits (2015, Arcturus Books)
  • A Game of Thrones Puzzle Quest (2014, Carlton Books)
  • Dante's Infernal Puzzle Collection (2013, Carlton Books)
  • Tutankhamun's Book of Puzzles (2012, Carlton Books)
  • The Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google Earth (2011, Carlton Books)
  • The Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Collection (2011, Carlton Books)
  • Killer Crosswords (2010, Carlton Books)
  • The Greatest Puzzles Ever Solved (2009, Carlton Books)
  • Ultimate Logic Puzzles (2007, Carlton Books)
  • Symbolism (as Tim Kenner, 2006, Carlton Books)
  • The Brotherhood (2005, Carlton Books)
  • The Book of Witches (2005, Carlton Books)
  • Kabbalah (2004, Carlton Books)
  • The Book of Wizards (2002, Carlton Books)
  • Kick It: The Radiskull & Devil Doll Phenomenon (2001, Carlton Books)
  • Excel 2000 Made Painless (2000, Carlton Books)
  • The Encyclopaedia of Fantasy (Contributing Author, 1998–2002, Carlton Books)
  • The Best Pub Joke Book Ever! Volume 2 (1998, Carlton Books)
  • The Best Book of Insults and Put-Downs Ever! (1998, Carlton Books)
  • The Official Magic: The Gathering Deckbuilders' Guide (1997, Carlton Books)
  • The Tao of Revitalisation (1996, De Swartes)
  • The Self-Hypnosis Handbook (1995, De Swartes)
  • The Encyclopedia of Sex (1995, De Swartes)
  • Management & Relief of Arthritis (1994, De Swartes)
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (1993, De Swartes)

Role-playing game books[edit]


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