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Timothy Alan Friese-Greene is an English musician and producer. He worked with the band Talk Talk from 1983 to their breakup in 1991. He currently releases solo albums under the name "Heligoland". He is the grandson of filmmaker Claude Friese-Greene and great-grandson of photographer and inventor William Friese-Greene.[1]



Friese-Greene co-produced the second release of Thomas Dolby's The Golden Age of Wireless (1982), which included the "She Blinded Me with Science" single, and Blue Zoo's Two By Two (1983). He produced and played keyboards on the Praying Mantis album Time Tells No Lies (1981). He produced a number of songs for the pure-pop act Tight Fit, the single "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" in early 1982 (No.1 for three weeks in the UK charts) and its follow-up "Fantasy Island" (reached No.5), and he also produced and wrote most of the accompanying album. Later in 1982 he produced "Dragonfly", a single by The Nolans.

Work with Talk Talk[edit]

Friese-Greene was brought into Talk Talk to assist in the remixing of It's My Life (1984).[2] As a permanent supporting musician to the band, he produced, co-wrote, and played keyboards on four of Talk Talk's albums between 1984 and 1991: It's My Life, The Colour of Spring, Spirit of Eden, and Laughing Stock. He was only an occasional player on Talk Talk's live tours and did not wish to appear in the band's promotional photo sessions or music videos.

He produced The Great War of Words (1990) by Brian Kennedy. He also produced Catherine Wheel's Ferment (1992) and played keyboards on subsequent releases by the band.

After Talk Talk[edit]

As Heligoland,[3] Friese-Greene has released two EPs and two full-length albums. For Heligoland, he writes most of the music himself and plays most of the instruments.

His latest album, 10 Sketches For Piano Trio, was released under his own name.

In February 2010 he announced on his website that the recording of a new album had to be suspended due to severe tinnitus. A subsequent posting in December revealed, however, that work on another album was underway without the use of headphones.



  • Creosote & Tar (1997, EP)
  • Heligoland (2000)
  • Pitcher, Flask & Foxy Moxie (2006)
  • One Girl Among Many (2015, EP)


  • 10 Sketches For Piano Trio (2009)
  • I Would Change None For You (2015, Single)

With Talk Talk[edit]

  • It's My Life (1984)
  • The Colour of Spring (1986)
  • Spirit of Eden (1988)
  • Laughing Stock (1991)

As a producer (incomplete)[edit]


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