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Tim Garland at Moers Festival 2004, Germany.

Tim Garland (born 19 October 1966)[1] is a British jazz saxophonist, composer and band-leader. He is also known for his innovative bass clarinet playing and for his prolific output as composer, blurring the boundaries between modern jazz and classical concert music.

He first entered the jazz scene playing alongside Ronnie Scott in a “two tenor” quintet, before quickly establishing himself as a leader, drawing on influences from around the world including classical and flamenco.

As a performer, he has worked widely both in Britain and elsewhere in the world, with particular highlights being a continuing collaboration with Chick Corea and his four-year association with Bill Bruford.[2]

As composer, he has fulfilled commissions from the LSO, the Northern Sinfonia,[3] BBC Concert Orchestra and Westminster Abbey Choir, as well as several small and large jazz-based ensembles. In 2013 he premiered his suite 'Songs to The North Sky'for jazz trio and orchestra, written in 2012 for the trio Lighthouse with Northern Sinfonia and subsequently performed by them and also by the London Sinfonia.

As a band-leader, he first achieved recognition with the jazz/folk crossover group Lammas (which included Don Paterson and Christine Tobin), going on with a number of groups under his own name, the Dean Street Underground Orchestra, Storms/Nocturnes, Acoustic Triangle and his award winning Lighthouse Project.[4]

He was voted "Musician of the Year" by the 2006 Cross-Parliamentary Jazz Society.[5][6]

In 2009 he won a Grammy for his part in creating "The New Crystal Silence" which celebrated Chick Corea and Gary Burton's famous partnership. He orchestrated five of Chick's famous pieces for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

In 2013 he was announced as part of Chick Corea's band 'The Vigil', debuting in London at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club before embarking on a world tour.

Garland has also contributed to various pieces for Audio Network PLC and is involved in writing music for film and television.


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