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Tim Guleri
Tim Guleri 2014
OccupationManaging director, Sierra Ventures[1]

Tim Guleri is an American venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur. He is the managing director of Sierra Ventures of San Mateo, California.[2][3][4][5] Prior to joining Sierra Ventures, Guleri helped build Scopus Technology[6] and founded Octane Software.[3][2][7]

Early life and education[edit]

Tim Guleri received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, India.[6][5] He received his Masters Degree in Robotics and Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech[8][9] in 1988[3] and was inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Alumni in 2006.[10] He sold books door to door to put himself through graduate school.[6]


In September 1989, Guleri became part of the information technology team at LSI Logic Corporation.[2][3] In 1992, he joined Scopus Technology, a customer relationship management software company,[4] where he was vice president of field operations[8][5][11] until 1996.[2][3] Scopus went public in 1995, and was acquired by Seibel Systems in 1998 for $750 million.[8][12][13]

Guleri founded the ecommerce company Octane Software in 1997.[14][2] He was the CEO of Octane until it sold to Epiphany, Inc. in 2000.[4][11][9] Guleri led the merger of the two companies.[8][5] and served as the executive vice president of Epiphany from March 2000 until February 2001.[6][2][3] He joined Sierra Ventures, a venture capital fund, as managing director of the software team in 2001.[4][6][5] At Sierra, Guleri worked with investments in software and open source development. Through his investments from Sierra, he has taken companies Sourcefire and MakeMyTrip public.[9] In February 2014, Shape Security raised $40 million in Series C funding from Sierra Ventures and other funds.[15]

Other activities[edit]

During his time at Sierra Ventures, Guleri has led investments and served on the board of directors for companies such as MakeMyTrip.com, an online flight booking service based in India,[7] CodeGreen Networks,[16] Approva,[7] Ventaso, a business software company,[17] Greenplum,[18] Again Technologies,[19] BINA Technologies[20][21] and Sourcefire.[7] He currently sits on the board of directors for companies including Treasure Data,[22][23] LeadGenius,[24] DotNetNuke,[7] and Hired.com, a startup company that aims to make the job search and hiring employees easier.[25]

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