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Tim Hartman (born 1965) is a practitioner of the Filipino martial art of Modern Arnis and Balintawak Eskrima, and the president of the World Modern Arnis Alliance (WMAA).[1]

In 2000 he tested for his 6th degree black belt at the Michigan summer camp, making him the highest tested rank in the U.S.[citation needed] under Remy Presas,[2][not in citation given] founder of Modern Arnis. He was granted the title Datu, or chieftain, by Presas shortly thereafter.[citation needed]

Hartman gives seminars and camps across North America and Europe.[3] In June 2005, Hartman was promoted to 9th degree by the WMAA Advisory Board.[4][5] This promotion reflects Hartman's leadership position within the WMAA, and is not meant to replace the rank that he earned from Presas.

Tim Hartman is a competitor in Nafma, where he holds state, national, and even a world title.[citation needed] His most recognized success in tournament fighting is in stick fighting,[citation needed] where competitors compete against one another in a form of sparring using two padded sticks to score points. He is also a notable practitioner in kata, specifically Filipeno kata, which is the event he currently holds the world title for.[citation needed]

On April 23, 2007 Hartman was promoted to 9th degree in Kombatan and awarded the Grandmaster title by Ernesto Presas.[citation needed]

Tim Hartman resides in West Seneca NY, and teaches at Horizon Martial Arts, the school he founded.

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