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Tim Hesterberg is an American Statistician. He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and currently works as a Staff Data Scientist at Instacart.

Education and career[edit]

Tim Hesterberg graduated with a B.A in mathematics from St. Olaf College and received his Ph.D. in statistics from Stanford University.[1] Hesterberg is a member of the National Institute of Statistical Sciences(NISS) and was previously on the NISS Board of Trustees. He is currently on the board of the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute.[1] He previously worked as a Senior Statistician at Google as well as at Franklin and Marshall College, Pacific Gas & Electric Co, and Insightful/MathSoft.[1] Hesterberg currently is a Senior Statistician at Instacart.


Tim Hesterberg contributed to statistical research by authoring a textbook, several articles, and a software package. These are:

  • A 2011 undergraduate student textbook titled Mathematical Statistics with Resampling and R.[2]
  • A 2015 article titled "What Teachers Should Know About the Bootstrap: Resampling in the Undergraduate Statistics Curriculum".[3]
  • A 2015 R (programming language) software package titled `resample: Resampling Functions`.[4] This package is intended to be easy to use. It performs bootstraps, permutation tests, and other sampling refunctions.[4]
  • Several scientific articles including Bootstrap,[5] Least-Angle Regression and LASSO for Large Datasets,[6] and Least Angle and L1 Penalized Regression: A Review.[7]


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