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Close-up image of Tim Jensen.

Tim Jensen is a long-time collaborator with anime soundtrack producer/composer Yoko Kanno and her group The Seatbelts,[1] as an original member. He is the voice heard on "Tank", the opening song of Cowboy Bebop. He has worked with her on many soundtracks, including Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (1 and 2), Wolf's Rain, and the live-action film for Honey and Clover. He has done lyric work for The Brilliant Green, Doping Panda, Super Junky Monkey, Maaya Sakamoto, Siam Shade, Origa, Ken Hirai, along with many other bands and musicians.

One of his best known anime songs is "Is It Real?" from Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. He also worked on the song "Run Rabbit Junk" for the first Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex soundtrack. Run Rabbit Junk would become one of the signature pieces of Stand Alone Complex, appearing in multiple episodes over the two seasons of the series as well as on the soundtrack of the Solid State Society movie.

Notable Lyrics[edit]

  • RISE (STAND ALONE COMPLEX 2nd GIG opening theme song) sung by Origa
  • GRAVITY (WOLF'S RAIN ending theme song) sung by Maaya Sakamoto
  • BLUE (ending song for the last COWBOY BEBOP session) sung by Mai Yamane
  • TANK (COWBOY BEBOP opening theme song) spoken by Tim Jensen
  • LITHIUM FLOWER (STAND ALONE COMPLEX ending theme song) sung by Scott Matthew
  • STRAY (WOLF'S RAIN opening theme song) sung by Steve Conte
  • GET 9 (STAND ALONE COMPLEX 2nd GIG special opening theme for Japanese TV) sung by Jillmax and Hideyuki
  • ASK DNA (COWBOY BEBOP (the movie) opening theme song) sung by Raj Ramayya
  • KNOCK A LITTLE HARDER (COWBOY BEBOP (the movie) ending theme song) sung by Mai Yamane
  • MONOCHROME (STAND ALONE COMPLEX sound track) sung by Ilaria Graziano
  • CALL ME, CALL ME (COWBOY BEBOP soundtrack) sung by Steve Conte
  • MY WORLD DOWN (BECK ending theme song) sung by Mark Gardener
  • I CALL YOU LOVE (BECK soundtrack) sung by Gary Stringer
  • DON'T TELL LIES (SIAM SHADE album song) sung by Hideki
  • GET A LIFE (SIAM SHADE album song) sung by Hideki
  • WONDERFUL WORLD (kh re-mixed up 1) sung by Ken Hirai

Plus over 150 other titles written by Troy and/or Tim Jensen.[2]


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