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Tim Omotoso
Timothy Oluseun Omotoso

(1958-07-14)July 14, 1958
Years active1985–2018
Criminal charge63 charges of Rape, Human Trafficking and Racketeering[1]

Tim Omotoso (born Timothy Oluseun Omotoso, 14 July 1958) is the senior pastor of a Jesus Dominion International, based in Durban, South Africa . He is currently on trial at the Port Elizabeth high court for rape and human trafficking. He is alleged to have groomed his victims and began abusing them from the age of 14. [2][3][4] He was arrested by the South African priority crimes unit, Hawks,on Thursday, 20 April 2017 at the Port Elizabeth airport.[5][6]


The itinerant arm of his ministry functions under Tim Omotoso Global Outreach (T.O.G.O), while the Church arm is Jesus Dominion International with branches across South Africa, France and the UK; it holds crusades all over the world, including Nigeria [7]

Omotoso has initiated a youth project in South Africa called “Youth Empowerment Project” (YEP), under which he has mentored a number of music groups including Grace Galaxy[8] and Simply Chrysolite who have composed their own songs and produced albums under his guidance.

TV personality and rapper Shoggy Tosh has described Omotoso as his mentor and adopted father, as have the gospel group Covenant Voices.[citation needed]


Omotoso is the founder of a 24-hour satellite TV station, Ancient of Days Broadcasting Network (ADBN),[9] which airs across the Caribbean, Africa, Mexico, Middle East,[10] Europe and United States. His weekly TV broadcast, 'Just As I Am',[11] features music, sermons and miracle sessions and airs across various networks .


He has written a book titled How to Enjoy Health, Wealth and Longevity and also a prayer book - Prayer Bonanza. His ministry also publishes an annual daily devotional. His messages are also available on DVD.

Personal life[edit]

He has said he was taught by the Lord to play the piano, the guitar, drums and other musical instruments before the age of 10.[citation needed] In the 1980s, he served as a music director for Ebenezer Obey's Decross Band & Inter Reformers' Band in the 80s.


Omotoso is alleged to have groomed people and abused them from the age of 14. If the court finds that the allegation of sex with minors is true, he will be convicted of statutory rape regardless if the act was consensual or not and he may face a life behind bars. He is alleged to have serially abused people over a period of time and shielded his acts behind the pulpit. Over 30 young girls have come forward to detail their experiences at the hand of the alleged sexual predator. [12][13][14] He was arrested by the South African priority crimes unit, Hawks,on Thursday, 20 April 2017 at the Port Elizabeth airport.[15][16]


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