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Tim Sweeney
Born 1970 (age 45–46)
Potomac, Maryland, United States
Occupation Video game programmer and developer
Known for developing the Unreal series of engines

Tim Sweeney (born in 1970)[1] is an American computer game programmer and the founder of Epic Games, being best known for his work on ZZT and the Unreal Engine.

Sweeney established Epic as a shareware company while he was a student majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland. He said that he had been interested in game development and computer programming since he was 10 years old,[2] and finally started making games out of his parents' basement where he lived.[3] Epic got its start when Sweeney created ZZT, the company's first game, released as a shareware in 1991. In interviews Sweeney has credited that game success with fueling the early growth of his company.[4]

Sweeney worked on Epic's Unreal Engine, used in the Unreal series of first-person shooters and multiple other video games.[5][6]

In 2005, Sweeney attended Wake Tech Community College Digital Game Xpo as a guest speaker. He showed a demo of the Unreal Engine and talked about 3D Buzz's book "Mastering Unreal Technology: The Art of Level Design".[7]

On February 9, 2012, Sweeney was inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) Hall of Fame for his technological innovations in the gaming industry.[8][9][10]

On July 10, 2013, Tim and the co-founder of Epic Games, Mark Rein, were named Development Legends at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards.[11][12][13]


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