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Tim Ten Yen, also known as "TTY", is an English recording artist. He has been called the "Sensational Singing Salaryman".[1] and championed by influential English disc jockey Steve Lamacq as a "cult figure of the future".[2]

He grew up outside London.[3] His music has been called "devoid of pretention but full of original eccentricity"[4] while the post-punk musician Paul Hawkins has lauded his writing "joyous, catchy and indescribably wonderful songs that are simultaneously utterly universal and entirely unique".[5]

His debut album Everything Beautiful Reminds Me of You was released by Pointy Records in late 2008.[6] That same year saw the release of an EP Runaround Get Around on the Club Fandango label.[7]

His work has been featured in Flux Magazine,[8] Keep It Fast.com,[9] and RadioNowhere’s Best of 2008[10] and was included on Spinner.com "Ten Acts to Watch in 2010" as "a one-man Divine Comedy."[11]

Tim Ten Yen has toured with and opened in support of Carter USM Jim Bob.[12] He has played the Reading Festival in 2006[1][13] and 2007.[14]


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