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Timaeus of Locri (/tˈməs/; Greek: Τίμαιος ὁ Λοκρός; Latin: Timaeus Locrus) was a Greek Pythagorean philosopher living ca. 420–380 BCE. He features in Plato's Timaeus, where he is said to come from Locri in Italy, thus of Locrian origin. He also appears as one of the speakers in Plato's Critias.

He is credited with the lost work On the Soul of the Universe, although some historians believe this may be an abridgement of Plato's dialogue of Timaeus.

Other references to Timaeus of Locri from antiquity are

All ancient references to him seem to have derived from Plato. According to M. F. Burnyeat (echoing Francis Cornford) he may well be a fictional character invented for the dialogue bearing his name. [1]

He has been cited for reports about Pythagoras. For instance, according to Porphyry Timaeus mentioned the house of Pythagoras in Croton.[2]

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