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A street in the residential complex of Timarpur

Timarpur is a big and one of the seven electoral constituencies[1] situated in North Delhi, India. Timarpur is located near University of Delhi and is spread under the area of 2 square kilometers. Rough estimates shows that the population of Timarpur is about 10,000. Timarpur is the first government colony[2] situated by the Government of India and is predominantly a government residential area. The area includes 8 schools in all, including 6 Senior Secondary School, 1 primary school and 1 special school for intellactually disabled children. The health service in Timarpur are of good class. It includes the well known INMAS Health centre, which is the biggest Thyroid centre all over India. A government owned CGHS dispensary is also present in the area. Timarpur is well connected to the Delhi Metro train service. The area also includes a DRDO complex consisting of both, residential and official area.


The legislative assembly of Timarpur is currently(2014-2019) being run by the Bhartiya Janata Party. The legislator of the area is Manoj Tiwary.


A building in the residential complex of Timarpur

Most of the area is occupied by government flats, although a private colony is also present there. The area includes about 2,000 government flats which are meant for active government servants only. A small portion of the area is privately owned, known as Banarsi Das Estate. There are two Police Stations present in the area. Because of being a government residential area, Timarpur includes only a few markets. Besides being a government owned area, Timarpur is having a problem of slum area. A wide portion of the area in occupied by people living in slum. The residents in the government and the private sectors often find it difficult to co-operate with people living in slum area. The old market situated near the flats has a history of more than a hundred years.It was established in the year when Delhi was marked as the national capital of India(i.e., in 1904). Banarsi Das Estate(B.D. Estate) situated just about a half kilometer away from the old market is the residence of many "Richy Richs" of the area. New market situated in Timarpur, just at a walking distance from the old market is the centre for all the Ramlila's happening in the region. Many stars like Sunil Shetty, Navjot Singh Siddhu(his plan of coming got cancelled due to rain in 2012) have visited the area during the election campaign. A good project was started by a famous builder company just behind the virendra public school and is going to become home for many people living in various parts of the region or elsewhere.

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Famous Places[edit]

Timarpur also has many famous and well acknowledged places like Trikona Park.Also many eating points like choudhary sweets( in old market ). You may also find Darvesh restaurant near the B.D. estate where you may eat food of many types. Also there are some sweet shops in New Market situated just at a walking distance from the old market. The famous 'BUDH BAZAAR' held at every Wednesday near the DELHI TRANSIT BUS PASS CENTRE,is a centre of attraction.You may find cheap products like cloths,toys etc. as well as good quality vegetables at the normal cost. But the most important thing in timarpur is its Durga Puja held by Timarpur & Civil Lines Puja Samity Estd. 1914 and this year its 104th Year has been celebrated successfully.Their Protima won second prize in Delhi for 2017. www.tpclps.com

Education and Health Facilities[edit]

The famous Triangular Park in the Z-Block of Timarpur

The education facilities of Timarpur are moderate. In total, there are 8 schools in Timarpur, 6 of them government owned and 2 are privately owned. Also, the area is well connected to the University of Delhi, thus making it a better education place.

The health facilities of Timarpur are worth being mentioned. It includes the famous health centre of INMAS which is the biggest and the most technically equipped Thyroid centre in India. However, the area includes only one dispensary owned by Government of India. There are several privately owned clinics also present there.

List of Schools[edit]

  • Arya Samaj Mandir
  • Massom Special School
  • Nagar Nigam Vidhyalaya
  • Patrachar Vidhyalaya
  • Sarvodaya Kanya Vidhyalaya
  • Sarvodaya Bal Vidhyalaya
  • Sarvodaya Vidhyalaya Lancers Road
  • Virendra Public School(Private School).


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