Timbiriche VII

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Timbiriche VII
Studio album by Timbiriche
Released March 3, 1987
Recorded 1986
Genre Pop
Length 36:06
Label Fonovisa
Timbiriche chronology
Timbiriche Rock Show
Timbiriche 7
Quinceañera 12"

Timbiriche VII is the 7th album from Mexican pop music group Timbiriche. It was released on March 3, 1987. This album marked the beginning of Thalía's participation in the group, and in the same year, she also appeared in the Quinceañera telenovela.

The group consisted of Paulina Rubio, Alix Bauer, Mariana Garza, Eduardo Capetillo, Erick Rubín, Diego Schoening and Thalía who replaced Sasha Sokol, The album contained the hit singles, such as "Con Todos Menos Conmigo" (Iñaki Uranga cover), "Si No Es Ahora", "Besos de Ceniza", "Magico Amor", "No Seas Tan Cruel" and "Rompecabezas". The album is the fifth best-selling album of all time in Mexico with six million copies, but it is the highest-selling album ever by a music group.[1]

Track listing[edit]

Original 1987 release
No. Title Writer(s) Vocals Length
1. "Rompecabezas" Fernando Riba/Kiko Campos All members 2:55
2. "Besos de ceniza" Fernando Riba/Kiko Campos Mariana 2:58
3. "Con todos menos conmigo" Fernando Riba/Kiko Campos Erick, Eduardo and Diego 3:07
4. "Mírame (cuestión de tiempo)" Fernando Riba/Kiko Campos Alix 3:24
5. "No" Marco Flores Diego, Alix (second vocal) 2:43
6. "Persecución en la Ciudad" Amparo Rubin Paulina 3:48
7. "Si no es ahora" (Features sample of "All I Need is A Miracle" (1986) by Mike + The Mechanics) Fernando Riba/Kiko Campos Diego & Thalía 3:56
8. "No seas tan cruel" Fernando Riba/Kiko Campos Eduardo 2:43
9. "Más que un amigo" Fernando Riba/Kiko Campos Thalía 3:13
10. "Mágico amor" Fernando Riba/Kiko Campos Erick 3:41
11. "Ya estaba escrito" Fernando Riba/Kiko Campos Alix, Diego, Mariana & Eduardo 4:15
Total length: 36:43
CD Reissue
No. Title Vocals Length
1. "Rompecabezas" All members 2:46
2. "Besos de ceniza" Mariana 2:50
3. "Mágico amor" Erick 3:34
4. "Cuestión de tiempo" Alix 3:15
5. "No" Diego, Alix (second vocal) 2:35
6. "No seas tan cruel" Eduardo 2:37
7. "Si no es ahora" Paulina 3:45
8. "Persecución en la ciudad" Thalía & Diego 3:37
9. "Ya está escrito" Eduardo, Mariana, Alix and Diego 4:03
10. "Más que un amigo" Thalía 3:30
11. "Con todos menos conmigo" Erick, Eduardo and Diego 2:58


  • Si No Es Ahora (#1 Mexico Top 100)
  • Besos De Ceniza (#1 Mexico Top 100)
  • Con Todos Menos Conmigo (#1 Mexico Top 100)
  • Mirame (#1 Mexico Top 100)
  • Magico Amor (#1 Mexico Top 100)
  • Rompecabezas (#3 Mexico Top 100)
  • No Seas Tan Cruel (#4 Mexico Top 100)
  • Ya Estaba Escrito (#3 Mexico Top 100)

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