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Timbiriche 10
Timbiriche 10.jpg
Studio album by
Released1990 (1990)
GenrePop, alternative rock, dance
Timbiriche chronology
Los Clasicos de Timbiriche
Timbiriche 10
Timbiriche 11

Timbiriche X is the tenth album released by Mexican pop and rock band Timbiriche. The first single "Me Pongo Mal" was released in late 1989 and by the time the full album debuted in April 1990, the single was at the top of the charts.[which?]

Timbiriche in 1990 featured Paulina Rubio, Bibi Gaytán, Edith Márquez, Erik Rubin, Diego Schoening and Claudio Bermúdez. Patty Tanus was the seventh member during the recording of the album and participated in the initial promotion, but was replaced by Silvia Campos by the time the album was released. There was a lot of speculation as to Patty's separation from the group, but rumor has it that she lied about being married when she entered the group, plus the supposed inclination on behalf of Paulina Rubio that Patty was to mature for the group. Despite four member changes over the course of a year, the album quickly sold 300,000 copies and the group went on to fulfill a heavy tour schedule.

Track listing[edit]

The U.S. version by Fonovisa transposed tracks 5 and 10 and the original Mexican album included lyrics. Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8 were released as singles. Timbiriche X, by Melody in Mexico, featured the following songs:

Timbiriche X
1."Princesa Tibetana"
  • Guillermo Méndez Guiú
2."Yo no soy una más"
  • Anahí
  • Guillermo Méndez Guiú
3."Yo por tí"
  • Anahí
  • Guillermo Méndez Guiú
  • Patty Tanus
5."Historia de amor"
  • Anahí
  • Guillermo Méndez Guiú
  • All
6."Me pongo mal"
  • Paulina Carranza
  • Guillermo Méndez Guiú
7."Eres un milagro"
  • Anahí
  • Guillermo Méndez Guiú
8."Como te diré"
  • Anahí
  • Guillermo Méndez Guiú
9."Escapar de tí"
  • Aleks Syntek
  • All
10."Somos uno"
  • Anahí
  • Guillermo Méndez Guiú
  • All
Total length:39:42


  • Princesa Tibetana (#1 Mexico Top 100)
  • Me pongo mal (#1 Mexico Top 100)
  • Historia de amor (#3 Mexico Top 100)
  • Yo no soy una más (#1 Mexico Top 100)
  • Sacudete (#4 Mexico Top 100)
  • Como te diré (#11 Mexico Top 100)