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Sour cream glazed and honey dip timbits
Type Doughnut, doughnut hole
Place of origin Canada
Created by Tim Hortons
Food energy
(per serving)
45 to 90[1] kcal
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Timbits is the brand name of a bite-sized fried dough confectionery sold at the Canadian-based franchise Tim Hortons.[2] They were introduced in April 1976.[3]

Name and variations[edit]

The word Timbit is a play on the word "tidbit" (a delicate bit or morsel of [4]food).[5] As of 2009, they are available in various flavors that differ from store to store. Flavors include, but are not limited to, chocolate glazed, jelly filled, dutchie, honey dip, sour cream glazed, old-fashioned plain, old fashion glazed, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, apple cider, orange-tangerine, creamy caramel, cherry cake, birthday cake, honey cruller, pumpkin spice, toasted coconut, and apple fritter.[3] For Tim Hortons's 50th anniversary, "birthday cake" doughnuts and Timbits were sold for a limited time and given out for free on May 17, 2014- the Timbits being available first in the United States.[6]

Other doughnut chains in Canada and the United States sell virtually identical products, often called "doughnut holes". The majority of Canadians generally use the Timbits trademark to designate the product, while French-speaking Quebecers and Acadians prefer to use the generic term "trous de beigne". In francophone Tim Hortons's usage, however, they are still called Timbits.[7]

Timbits Minor Sports Program[edit]

Timbits also refers to participants in the Timbits Minor Sports Program, a community program sponsored by Tim Hortons for local sports teams involving children aged four to eight years. The program places an emphasis on learning the sport and building friendships among the participants.[8]

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