Time's Champion

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Time's Champion
Time's Champion.jpg
Author Craig Hinton and Chris McKeon
Series Doctor Who book:
Charity novel, in the style of the Missing Adventures
Subject Featuring:
Sixth Doctor
Set in Period between
The Trial of a Time Lord and Time and the Rani
Publication date
21 July 2008
Pages 404
ISBN 978-1-84583-999-4

Time's Champion is a work of Doctor Who fan fiction, written by Chris McKeon on the basis of an original novel outline by Craig Hinton, and incorporating fragments of text written by Hinton before his death. It features the Sixth Doctor, Melanie Bush and Sergeant Benton, and is an exploration both of the origins of the Valeyard and the concept of the Doctor's role as "Time's Champion" in the Virgin New Adventures. It also features plot elements from Hinton's earlier book The Quantum Archangel.

It was published in paperback form in 2008, as a charity venture in aid of the British Heart Foundation. The BBC, who hold the copyright in Doctor Who and had rejected Hinton's original proposal in 2004, were not involved.[1]


2008: John Benton is celebrating his birthday by having a few friends round to his house at Hilsley Halt. But the monsters are lurking.

1908: Writer George Mackenzie-Trench is suffering from writer’s block unable to foresee the ending of his novel, Time’s Champion, nor the consequences of its completion.

9908: The planet Caliban is under attack from Cyber-forces, and governor George Mackenzie-Trench intends to save their world by unleashing Abaddon, a powerful computer virus. But Abaddon has other instructions.

Meanwhile, Gallifrey is under attack and the Keeper is seeking answers within the Matrix. President Romana is helpless: no-one is who they seem and the conspiracy goes even deeper than she can imagine. She needs the Doctor...

But the Doctor is on Earth in 2008, fighting to save the life of a child who must survive at all costs.

As Gallifrey is attacked by ghosts from the past, the Doctor, Mel and Benton find themselves in the middle of an epic and final battle as the ancient gods choose their Champions and allow chaos to reign across all of time and space.



The book is credited to "Craig Hinton & Chris McKeon". Speaking in the podcast DWO WhoCast Episode 84, McKeon said:

In terms of plot, not just writing but the plot itself, up until about the end of Chapter 6, more or less the first half or so was strongly influenced by Craig's original plot. [...] In terms of outright text and writing, sadly, and I'm saying this very sadly, it's almost all mine and I say on the order of 97 or more percent. Craig wrote a good amount of the first chapter. Beyond that, it's almost totally mine.[2]

Audio Adaptation[edit]

In 2015, work began on an audio adaptation featuring John Levene reprising his role as Sergeant Benton.[3]


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