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Time's Up is an interactive media and machine art group from Linz, Austria. Founded in 1996, the group has developed interactive media and mechanical art works exhibited throughout Europe and Australasia.

Time's Up runs Dorkbot Linz and is closely involved in the Funkfeuer community, the local artists "Freie Szene" and educational institutions.

Work Series[edit]

Time's Up has shown a large number of works as individual objects and as complete environments internationally. The exhibitions fall into three main phases:

  • Hyperfitness Studio (1997-2004), media machines for the whole body[1][2]
  • Spherical Projection Interface SPIN (2000-2006), premiered at the Ars Electronics Festival 2000[3] achieved artistic and technical attention.[4][5]
  • Sensory Circus (2002-2006).[6]

Since 2007 main works have been around narrative and living environments.[7]


The Anchortronic series of residencies culminated in the release of the same named DVD on the Dutch-German label Staalplaat.[8]


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