Time, the Healer

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Time, The Healer
Studio album by None the Less
Released March, 2010 TBC (United Kingdom)
Recorded Glasseye Studios
Hatfield, UK
June–July 2010
Genre Rock
Length 35mins
Label Irony Records
Producer Dan Lancaster
None the Less chronology
"The Way To Save Ourselves"
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Time, The Healer

Time, The Healer is a 10 track debut album by None the Less which is due to be released in March 2010. The album was recorded at Glasseye Studios in Hatfield and was engineered by Dan Lancaster.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Concrete Souls"
  2. "Disconnected"
  3. "Bitter Taste"
  4. "Hurricanes"
  5. "Out Of Reach"
  6. "This Is The End"
  7. "The Jury"
  8. "Turn The Lights Off"
  9. "Last Goodbye"
  10. "Drive Away"



Bitter Taste
  • Released: 15 December 2010

Released as a free single/video on Punktastic