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The Time Hunter series of books is published by Telos Publishing Ltd. and features the characters Honoré Lechasseur and Emily Blandish from Daniel O'Mahony's Doctor Who novella The Cabinet of Light. Each novella is issued in a standard format paperback format, and a deluxe hardback edition signed by the novella's author.


The series began with The Winning Side by Lance Parkin, following BBC Worldwide's decision not to renew Telos's licence for publishing novellas based on the Doctor Who television series.

The eleven novellas were published on an irregular schedule. Following the publication of this eleventh novella, Telos have announced that the range will temporarily end due to poor sales. Child of Time reveals much of the backstory of the series.

The covers of the standard edition Time Hunter novellas each feature a circle motif containing the year in which the majority of the action of the story takes place.

Title Author Published "Year"
The Cabinet of Light Daniel O'Mahony January 2020 1949
The Winning Side Lance Parkin November 2003 1984
The Tunnel at the End of the Light Stefan Petrucha March 2004 1950
The Clockwork Woman Claire Bott June 2004 1805
Kitsune John Paul Catton October 2004 2020
The Severed Man George Mann December 2004 1892
Echoes Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett April 2005 1995
Peculiar Lives Philip Purser-Hallard July 2005 1950
Deus Le Volt Jon de Burgh Miller January 2006 1098
The Albino's Dancer Dale Smith June 2006 1951
The Sideways Door R.J. Carter and Troy Riser August 2006 1951
Child of Time George Mann and David J Howe August 2007 2586

Although the novellas are not part of the Doctor Who franchise, they have featured familiar characters and concepts from the programme. Aside from Honoré and Emily, the Fendahl appears in Deus Le Volt, and a Daemon appears in Child of Time. Concepts from the Time Hunter series also feature in the Doctor Who spin-off DVD drama Daemos Rising written by David J. Howe, although neither of the main characters from the book series appear in the DVD.[citation needed]

A character appearing very briefly in The Albino's Dancer may be an unnamed Ninth Doctor, although whether this is true or not is left open to the reader's interpretation. The character "Dr Smith" who appears in Child of Time appears to be the incarnation of the Doctor first seen in The Cabinet of Light, although his identity with Doctor Who's Doctor is now less clear.[citation needed]


In September 2008, Telos announced that a fan production company, Fantom Films,[1] had been licensed to produce audiobook readings of the Time Hunter novellas for release on CD and as online downloads. The first two titles, The Cabinet of Light and The Winning Side (read by former Doctor Who actors Terry Molloy and Louise Jameson respectively), were released in November 2008 and releases have continued since.

Title Author Reader Format Release Date Notes
The Cabinet of Light O'Mahony, DanielDaniel O'Mahony Molloy, TerryTerry Molloy 4-CD 2008-11-01November 2008 Originally a Doctor Who novella, changes have been made to the text of this version to allow it to stand as a Time Hunter novella independent of its Doctor Who connections. Reissued August 2010.
The Winning Side Parkin, LanceLance Parkin Jameson, LousieLouise Jameson 3-CD 2008-11-01November 2008 Reissued August 2010.
The Tunnel at the End of the Light Petrucha, StephanStefan Petrucha Tamm, MaryMary Tamm 3-CD 2009-02-01February 2009 Reissued August 2010.
The Clockwork Woman Bott, ClaireClaire Bott Childs, TraceyTracey Childs 3-CD 2010-09-1September 2010
Kitsune Catton, John PaulJohn Paul Catton Molloy, TerryTerry Molloy 3-CD 2010-10-1October 2010
The Severed Man Mann, GeorgeGeorge Mann Molloy, TerryTerry Molloy 4-CD 2010-11-1November 2010
Echoes McLaughlin, Iain and Claire BartlettIain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett Childs, TraceyTracey Childs 4-CD 2011-07-01July 2011
Peculiar Lives Purser-Hallard, PhilipPhilip Purser-Hallard Leeson, JohnJohn Leeson 4-CD 2011-08-01August 2011
Deus Le Volt Miller, Jon de BurghJon de Burgh Miller Molloy, TerryTerry Molloy 3-CD 2011-09-01September 2011
The Albino's Dancer Smith, DaleDale Smith Molloy, TerryTerry Molloy 3-CD 2011-02-01February 2012
The Sideways Door Carter, R.J. and Troy RiserR.J. Carter and Troy Riser Childs, TraceyTracey Childs 2-CD 2011-02-01February 2012
Child of Time Mann, George and David J HoweGeorge Mann and David J Howe Molloy, TerryTerry Molloy 5-CD 2011-06-1414 June 2012


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