Time Slave

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Time Slave
First edition
Author John Norman
Cover artist Gino D'Achille
Country United States
Language English
Genre historical fiction, science fiction
Publisher DAW Books
Publication date
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 380
ISBN 978-0-7592-9778-4
OCLC 1942479

Time Slave is a 1975 hybrid of historical fiction and science fiction by John Norman. In this book, Norman presents his personal theories of human evolution, exemplified by the case of a modern woman sent back in time twenty thousand years or more; he mourns the loss of human evolutionary fitness and distortion of "natural" social relations which in his view occurred when farming spread, and farmers squeezed hunter/gatherers to the ecological margins. Time Slave features Norman's social philosophy of male-dominance (as also in his Gor series), and expresses an unexplained connection between female sexual subordination and the speeding up of the development of space travel.

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