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Time Trap
Time Trap poster.jpg
Directed by
Produced by
  • Mark Dennis
  • Ben Foster
Written byMark Dennis
Music byXiaotian Shi
CinematographyMike Simpson
Edited byScott Smith
  • Pad Thai Pictures
  • Filmsmith Production & Management
  • Rising Phoenix Casting
Distributed by
Release date
  • May 19, 2017 (2017-05-19) (Seattle International Film Festival)
  • November 2, 2018 (2018-11-02)
Running time
95 minutes
CountryUnited States

Time Trap is a 2017 American science fiction action adventure film directed by Ben Foster and Mark Dennis. Starring Brianne Howey, Cassidy Gifford, Olivia Draguicevich, Reiley McClendon and Andrew Wilson, it tells the story of group of students on a road trip in remote Texas, searching for their missing professor. They then discover a mysterious cave by accident. While exploring the cave, the group experience a series of bizarre and dangerous events related to time and space distortion.


Students Taylor and Jackie, along with their friends Cara, Veeves, and Furby, go on a road trip into the remote area of Texas. They are trying to track and locate a favorite archaeology professor, who has vanished without a trace while on the search for missing hippies who had gone searching for the Fountain of Youth.

They soon discover their professor's deserted vehicle, which is next to a hippie van. Tied to the hippie van is a rope leading into the entrance of a concealed cave nearby. Taylor, Jackie, Cara, and Veeves decide to investigate the cave, while Furby stays behind as backup.

Armed with mountain climbing equipment and ropes, the group unknowingly rappels into a break in the space-time continuum, where time passes at a rate much slower than on the surface. Because of the time differences, the ropes ages quickly and snapped cleanly, leaving the group with no hopes of getting back to the cave entrance earlier.

As they move on, the group hears some strange whispers coming from deep inside the cave. At one point, they find Furby lying on the floor, dead, presumably fallen into the cave opening from above. Reviewing his video recordings, they find that to their horror, they are experiencing a time distortion inside the cave, where time moves very slowly compared to the surface of the earth. Light flashes above the cavern opening, which they theorize to be the relatively rapid rising and setting of the sun.

Out of desperation, Cara free-climbs out of the cave in order to get a GPS signal. She discovers the surrounding area to be unfamiliar, barren, and rocky, with a strange triangular object in the sky. When she returns to the cave after roughly half an hour, her companions insist she was only gone a second. They compare video of their different observations to reveal the time discrepancy. Further evaluation of Furby's camera reveals the light flashes to not be days and nights but entire seasons, along with the horrifying discovery Furby survived his fall but was attacked by another being in the cave. Cara prepares to climb out again in search of help but is interrupted by a futuristic humanoid spaceman descending via a retractable ladder. The spaceman is attacked by a savage who seems to appear out of nowhere. The group flee and descend further into the cave to discover more savages who appear to be primitive cavemen. They also discover the still-warm bodies of the missing hippies and that the legendary Fountain of Youth really does exist inside this cave. Taylor is severely wounded by the cavemen when trying to get the group to safety. The spaceman appears and places Taylor in the Fountain of Youth, healing him completely. The spaceman is again attacked by the savages. The students help him, but his breathing mask is pulled off in the fight. The spaceman has trouble breathing and speaks a language the group does not understand. He indicates he is "out of time" and shows the students a series of media clips, from their own missing persons report to an announcement of a space station called the Ark, which Cara recognized as the triangular object she saw in the sky. The spaceman dies and the Taylor finds a back pack belonging to Professor Hopper. Taylor goes looking for him and finds him injured in front of another time dilation where his long-missing sister is frozen in time along with a legion of Spanish conquistador soldiers still having an ongoing battle with the aborigines for the control of the fountain. The professor recounts his experience of time dilation after entering the cave and reveals the hippies to be his parents.

The group places Furby in the Fountain of Youth and prepare to leave the cave using the spaceman's ladder through the cave opening seen earlier (now warped into an aquatic portal). The cavemen pull down the ladder before all are able to climb it; Cara makes it to the top and is pulled through the aquatic portal by grey-clawed beings before she can help her friends, now frozen in time. She reappears through the portal, differently dressed and accompanying rope-like mechanisms which pull her friends plus Furby, Hopper, and Hopper's revived family through, reemerging in the futuristic triangular space station Ark orbiting above the earth.


  • Andrew Wilson as Hopper
  • Cassidy Gifford as Cara
  • Brianne Howey as Jackie
  • Reiley McClendon as Taylor
  • Olivia Draguicevich as Veeves
  • Max Wright as Furby
  • Hans Marrero as The Guardian
  • Rich Skidmore as Rich Pintauro
  • Chris Sturgeon as Hopper's Dad


Based on 8 reviews, the film holds a 63% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.[1]

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