Time Waits for No Man

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Time Waits For No Man
Studio album by Rasco
Released July 21, 1998
Recorded 1997-1998
Jam Packed Studios and Threshold Recordings
Genre Underground hip hop, Hip Hop
Length 62:12
Label Stones Throw Records

Time Waits For No Man is the first solo album of rapper/emcee Rasco, executive produced by Peanut Butter Wolf. It was released July 21, 1998 on Stones Throw Records, and distributed by Nu Gruv.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Producer Performer (s)
1 "Intro" Protest Contains excerpts from Devil's Advocate
2 "Time Waits For No Man" DJ Paul Nice Rasco feat. Encore
3 "Suckas Don't Respect It" Peanut Butter Wolf Rasco
4 "Bits & Pieces" Evidence, Cuts by DJ Revolution Rasco
5 "Major League" Evidence & Joey Chavez, Cuts by DJ Babu Rasco feat. Defari and Dilated Peoples
6 "Interlude"
7 "Me & My Crew" KutMasta Kurt Rasco
8 "What's It All About" DJ Design Rasco
9 "View To A Kill" DJ Paul Nice Rasco
10 "Unassisted DJ Battle" Rasco feat. Vin Roc
11 "Unassisted" Fanatik, Cuts by D Styles Rasco
12 "What Y'all Wanna Do" Peanut Butter Wolf Rasco
13 "Hip Hop Essentials" Peanut Butter Wolf Rasco
14 "Interlude"
15 "Hey Love" Peanut Butter Wolf Rasco
16 "Take It Back Home" KutMasta Kurt Rasco feat. Planet Asia
17 "Heat Seeking" DJ Paul Nice Rasco
18 "Outro" Rasco (Shout Outs)