Time and Stars

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Not to be confused with Of Time and Stars.
Time and Stars
Time and stars.jpg
Dust-jacket from the first edition
Author Poul Anderson
Cover artist Thomas Chibbaro[1]
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction, short stories
Published 1964 (Doubleday)
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 249

Time and Stars ([ISBN unspecified] for original hardcover version) is a collection of science fiction short stories by Poul Anderson, published in 1964.

"Dangerous universe: Faced with machines that think by and for themselves, super-intelligent space beings bent on a suicidal course and a galaxy teeming with dangerous alien life, man had to invent new weapons, new defenses - or perish from the universe."[2]



  • "No Truce with Kings": A war story set on a future, semi-primitive Earth with aliens
  • "The Critique of Impure Reason": A robot will not work because it is infatuated with modern literature and literary criticism
    • Original Appearance: If, November 1962
  • "Escape from Orbit": Astronauts stranded in orbit around the moon
  • "Eve Times Four": Space traveler Lothario is stranded on a planet with three beautiful women
  • "Turning Point": A first contact story that gives a haunting portrait of the price of giftedness and the loss of innocence
    • Original Appearance: If, May 1963
  • "Epilogue": A crew of humans return to Earth after a long absence, finding it has been taken over by a kind of transistor-based ecology of machines; a lack of understanding between the robots and the humans leads to tragedy
    • Original Appearance: Analog, March 1962

Literary significance & criticism[edit]

The collection was reviewed by Algis Budrys in the February 1965 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction.


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