Time for Love (film)

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Time for Love
Directed byDave Fleischer
Produced byMax Fleischer
Distributed byParamount Pictures
Release date
September 6, 1935
CountryUnited States

Time for Love is a Fleischer Studios film directed by Dave Fleischer and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It was released in September 6, 1935.


The cartoon focuses on a mute swan couple who love each other, A greedy and stubborn black swan attracts the female who decides to go with him, rather than the male mute swan leaving him depressed. Later on, the black swan abuses his mate whenever she fails to catch a fish. The female distracts him when she gives him a frog, She runs with the black swan in pursuit. She finds her mate and the male protects her and fights the black swan. The male mute swan is triumphant and the black swan runs off and loses. After everything is over, she sees her errors and returns to her old lover who forgives her. The couple then live a happy ending together.