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About 60% of Kentucky lies in the Eastern Time Zone, with the rest in the Central Time Zone, as follows:[1]

Central boundary counties
Eastern boundary counties

Counties to the north and east of this boundary are in the Eastern Time Zone, while counties to the south and west are in the Central Time Zone.

IANA time zone database[edit]

In the IANA time zone database, Kentucky is covered by four time zones, columns marked "*" contain the data from the file zone.tab:

c.c.* coordinates* TZ* comments* UTC offset UTC offset DST Note
US +404251-0740023 America/New_York Eastern Time
US +415100-0873900 America/Chicago Central Time
US +381515-0854534 America/Kentucky/Louisville Eastern Time - Kentucky - Louisville area
US +364947-0845057 America/Kentucky/Monticello Eastern Time - Kentucky - Wayne County


The Floral Clock in Frankfort and the Louisville Clock are individual working clocks in Kentucky that are attractions in their own right.

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  1. ^ 79 counties, totaling 24679.526 sq mi are in ET, while 40 counties, totaling 15473.36 sq mi are in CT, based on individual Wikipedia county articles as of 2012-05-21.