Time in North Dakota

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About 75% of North Dakota is in the Central Time Zone, while the southwest quarter is in the Mountain Time Zone.

Mountain Time is observed in:

Central Time is observed throughout the rest of the state.

IANA time zone database[edit]

In the IANA time zone database, North Dakota is covered by five time zones, columns marked "*" contain the data from the file zone.tab:

c.c.* coordinates* TZ* comments* UTC offset UTC offset DST Note
US +415100-0873900 America/Chicago Central Time
US +433649-1161209 America/Boise Mountain Time - south Idaho & east Oregon
US +471551-1014640 America/North_Dakota/Beulah Central Time - North Dakota - Mercer County
US +470659-1011757 America/North_Dakota/Center Central Time - North Dakota - Oliver County
US +465042-1012439 America/North_Dakota/New_Salem Central Time - North Dakota - Morton County (except Mandan area)


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