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Most of Oregon lies in the Pacific Time Zone (shown in blue), except for the northern part of Malheur County (shown in purple), which is in the Mountain Time Zone.

Time in Oregon is divided into two zones. The vast majority of the state is contained in the Pacific Time Zone. Most of sparsely populated Malheur County, including its largest city, Ontario, and its county seat, Vale, are in the Mountain Time Zone due to their proximity to Boise, Idaho. The time zone division occurs at the southwest corner of township 35 S, range 37 E (approximately 42.45 degrees north latitude), continuing east to the state line, then south along the Oregon-Idaho border to the Nevada state line.[1]

Drewsey in Harney County is officially in the Pacific Time Zone, but some residents unofficially observe Mountain Time due to proximity to Malheur County. Local businesses strictly enforce the practice of Pacific Time, however.

IANA time zone database[edit]

In the IANA time zone database, Oregon is contained in two zones:

c.c.* coordinates* TZ* comments* UTC offset UTC offset DST Note
US +340308-1181434 America/Los_Angeles Pacific Time −08:00 UTC−07 All except northern 4/5 of Malheur County
US +433649-1161209 America/Boise Mountain Time - south Idaho & east Oregon −07:00 UTC−06 Northern 4/5 of Malheur County only


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