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Time in Pakistan is given by Pakistan Standard Time (PKT).


Period in use Time offset from GMT[1] Notes
1842–1906 UTC+04:28:12 Local Mean Time (LMT)
1907–1951 UTC+05:30:00
1951–1971 UTC+05:00:00 in West Pakistan
UTC+06:00:00 in East Pakistan
Karachi Time (KART)
Dacca Time (DACT)
1971–present UTC+05:00:00 in Pakistan Pakistan Standard Time (PKT)


9:47 am, 15 November 2018 PKT [refresh]

Daylight saving time[edit]

Daylight saving time in Pakistan is no longer observed.

IANA time zone database[edit]

The IANA time zone database contains one zone for Pakistan in the file zone.tab, named Asia/Karachi.


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