Time of the Comet

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Time of the Comet
Time of the Comet.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed byFatmir Koçi
Produced byKkoci Productions
Written byFatmir Koçi
StarringBlerim Destani
Masiela Lusha
Xhevdet Ferri
Thomas Heinze
Vlado Jovanovski
Çun Lajçi
Music byNexhat Mujovi
Release date
Running time
104 minutes
Budget$2 million

Time of the Comet (Albanian: Koha e Kometës) is a 2008 Albanian historical drama/black comedy film adapted from a novel by Ismail Kadare titled Black Year (Albanian: Viti i Mbrapshtë). The film was directed by Fatmir Koçi, while Blerim Destani and Masiela Lusha starred in the leading roles. German bodybuilder and actor Ralf Möller also appeared in the film.[1]


The film takes place in 1914 when William of Wied was enthroned Prince of Albania, and the country was occupied by all the neighbouring countries. Shestan (Blerim Destani), a young idealist villager forms a band and travels the country trying to find enemy troops to fight. During his journeys he comes across many opposing factions like the Ottoman loyalist band of Kus Baba (Çun Lajçi) and meets Agnes (Masiela Lusha), whose father wants her to become a Catholic nun, and falls in love with her. However, Shestan continues his journey and arrives at Prince William's headquarters where he offers his services and asks to fight on the frontline but the prince mocks his willingness to fight. Shestan, while being extremely disappointed decides to return to his village but on the way back home he comes across Agnes who has been kidnapped by "Mad Ahmed", a Muslim extremist and saves her. After arriving home Shestan and Agnes get married but on their wedding day Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir apparent to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, are assassinated in Sarajevo marking the beginning of World War I. When Shestan learns about the beginning of the war, his companions ask him about their future actions and the film ends with Shestan replying to them "Play the music louder".



Time of the Comet was very successful in Albania and set a new box office record.[2] Fatmir Koçi, the director of the film was criticized because of the script changes he made while adapting Ismail Kadare's novel. American Actress Masiela Lusha received praise for her acting performance, however some questioned her level of knowledge in the rural Gheg Albanian dialect. Lusha is known to speak the official Midland Albanian dialect. Çun Lajçi's performance as Kus Baba was also praised by many critics.[3]


The film won the Audience Award in the Prishtina International Film Festival and the Best Albanian Movie in the International Summer Film Festival, held in the city of Durrës for the first time.[4][5]


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