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A time scale specifies divisions of time.

  • Geological time scale, a scale that divides up the history of Earth into scientifically meaningful periods
In astronomy and astrophysics
  • Dynamical time scale either (in stellar physics), measures the length of time over which changes in one part of a body can be communicated to the rest of that body, or (in celestial mechanics) is a realization of a time-like argument based on a dynamical theory
  • Nuclear timescale, estimates the lifetime of a star based solely on its rate of fuel consumption
  • Thermal time scale, estimates the lifetime of a star once its fuel reserves at its center are used up or if they were to disappear
In cosmology and particle physics
  • Planck time, the time scale beneath which quantum effects are comparable in significance to gravitational effects
In mathematics
  • Time-scale calculus, the unification of the theory of difference equations with differential equations
In music