Time to Be Free

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Time To Be Free
Andre-matos time-to-be-free.jpg
Studio album by Andre Matos
Released October 2007
Genre Heavy metal
Power metal
Length 1:09:41
Label Avalon/Marquee Inñ
Producer Sascha Paeth & Roy Z
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Time To Be Free

Time To Be Free is the debut solo album of Brazilian vocalist/pianist Andre Matos. He is joined with Hugo Mariutti and his brother Luís Mariutti, with whom he played in Shaaman. The title of the album refers both to the album being Andre getting his chance to have full creative control, as well as the concept of having free time.

Track list[edit]

  1. "Menuett" – 00:48 (Andre Matos)
  2. "Letting Go" – 06:04 (Andre Matos/Pit Passarell/Hugo Mariutti/Luís Mariutti)
  3. "Rio" – 06:00 (Andre Matos/Hugo Mariutti)
  4. "Remember Why" – 05:55 (Andre Matos/Pit Passarell)
  5. "How Long (Unleashed Away)" – 04:50 (Andre Matos/Roy Z/Hugo Mariutti/Andre Hernandes)
  6. "Looking Back" – 04:56 (Andre Matos/Hugo Mariutti)
  7. "Face The End" – 05:12 (Andre Matos/Alberto Rionda)
  8. "Time To Be Free" – 08:33 (Andre Matos/Hugo Mariutti/Luís Mariutti)
  9. "Rescue" – 05:58 (Andre Matos/Hugo Mariutti/Luís Mariutti)
  10. "A New Moonlight" – 08:57 (Andre Matos)
  11. "Endeavour" – 07:02 (Andre Matos/Fábio Ribeiro)
  12. "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" (Japanese bonus track) – 05:17 (Jonathan Cain/Steve Perry)

All lyrics written by Andre Matos except "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" by Jonathan Cain & Steve Perry



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