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Issue 2 of 2 cover art by Denis Beauvais.
Publication information
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Format Limited series
Publication date August-October 1992
September 1994
Number of issues 2
Creative team
Writer(s) Mark Verheiden
Artist(s) Ron Randall (interior)
Denis Beauvais (cover)
Letterer(s) Vickie Williams
Colorist(s) James Sinclair (issue 1)
Pamela Rambo (issue 2)
Creator(s) Mike Richardson
Nicholas Kern (designer)
Editor(s) Edward Martin III

Timecop was originally published as a three-part story, Time Cop: "A Man Out of Time", in the anthology comic Dark Horse Comics #1-3 (August-October 1992) and later a two issue comic book adaptation of the eponymous film published along with the film's release in September 1994. The film and its sequel were both written by Mike Richardson, the founder and publisher of Dark Horse Comics. His company published the adaptations which were themselves written by Mark Verheiden and drawn by Ron Randall. The film also spawned a video game in 1995 and a Timecop TV series in 1997.

Publication history[edit]

Time Cop: "A Man Out of Time" ran in Dark Horse Comics #1-3 (August–October 1992).[1][2]

The two-part film adaptation was published in September 1994.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The original story involves the main character catching an illegal time traveler robbing a South African mine of a huge diamond in the 1930s. After his capture and return, however, Walker is soon made aware that the criminal's personal robotic bodyguard is still operational in the past and wreaking havoc on the time line. To restore order, Walker must return to the mine and stop the machine's malfunctioning rampage.

The movie tie-in story is about a "time enforcement" officer who attempts to bring a rogue politician to justice who is using time travel to fund his presidential campaign. During the course of the film the officer discovers that the politician is also responsible for the earlier death of his wife, and numerous other previously unconnected crimes.



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