Timeless 2013

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Timeless 2013
Mylene Farmer album Timeless.jpg
Live album by Mylène Farmer
Released December 9, 2013
Recorded September 24-25-27-28-2013 (Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon, France)
Genre Pop, rock
Label Polydor
Mylène Farmer chronology
Monkey Me (2012) Timeless 2013 (2013) -
Collector edition
Singles from Timeless 2013
  1. "Diabolique mon ange[1]"
    Released: December 4, 2013

Timeless 2013 is the sixth live album by French singer-songwriter Mylène Farmer. It was released on December 9, 2013 in France by Polydor Records. The album documents the Timeless tour's performances at the Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon, France. A concert film directed by François Hanss was screened in more than one hundred cinemas across France, Belgium and Switzerland on 27 March, 2014. [2] The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on 16 May, 2014. The album does not contain "Elle a dit", "Je te dis tout" and "Et pourtant..." which caused anger among Farmer's fans.[3]


Three days before the launch of the Timeless Tour, Francois Hanss confirmed on Twitter that the shows in Lyon, France will be filmed for a future concert film.[4] Rumors began to surface about a possible release date for a live album.[5] French record stores received pre-order forms for the album, thus confirming the release date of the album for December 9, 2013.[6] On October 30, 2013, Polydor Records officially announced the title and tracklisting for Timeless 2013 on their Facebook page. The cover was also revealed, along with several editions of the album including a limited edition box set, a double CD edition and a triple vinyl set.[7]


To promote the album, Polydor launched a micro site for the album.[8][9] Five teaser videos are scheduled to be released at 6 pm on November 25, November 29, December 2, December 4 and December 6. A 20 second television spot has been released on November 27, 2013.[10] On December 2, 2013, Polydor announced that "Diabolique mon ange" will be the first single from the live album. It is set to be released to radio stations on December 4, 2013.[11]

"Timeless 2013" has record-breaking sales for a live album in France. It is expected to chart at No. 2. During its first week of release, the album has sold over 70,000 copies in one week (much more than her two previous live albums, even though they had charted at No. 1) ; the other two biggest-selling live albums of the year in France, Johnny Hallyday and Muse, had sold around 30,000 copies each during their first week, making Farmer's live album a record-breaking commercial hit.[12]


Disc 1[13][14]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Timeless Genesis"     4:30
2. "À force de..."   Mylène Farmer 4:24
3. "Comme j'ai mal"   Mylène Farmer 3:52
4. "C'est une belle journée"   Mylène Farmer 6:17
5. "Monkey Me"   Mylène Farmer 4:51
6. "Slipping Away (Crier la vie)" (duet with Moby) Moby 3:54
7. "Oui mais... non"   Mylène Farmer 4:36
8. "Mad World" (duet with Gary Jules) Roland Orzabal 3:45
9. "Les mots" (duet with Gary Jules) Mylène Farmer 5:13
10. "Désenchantée"   Mylène Farmer 7:03
11. "Bleu Noir"   Mylène Farmer 4:14
12. "Diabolique mon ange"   Mylène Farmer 6:53

Disc 2[15][16]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Sans contrefaçon"   Mylène Farmer 4:41
2. "Je t'aime mélancolie"   Mylène Farmer 6:35
3. "XXL"   Mylène Farmer 4:42
4. "À l'ombre"   Mylène Farmer 5:06
5. "Inséparables"   Mylène Farmer 4:58
6. "Rêver"   Mylène Farmer 6:27