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This article provides a timeline of elections in Australia, including all the colonial, state, territorial and federal elections. The information starts from when each state or territory held its first election, and continues through to the present day.

About the tables[edit]

The background colour indicates which party won the election. All six states and both territories have established limits on the length of a parliamentary term, with the federal parliament limited to three years, and all state and territorial parliaments limited to a four-year term. In addition the federal government have changed to fixed election dates every three years, and both territories and all states except Tasmania have changed to fixed election dates every four years. For these legislatures, the box is shown as running until the next scheduled election, but one could still be earlier if the government falls due to a motion of no confidence.

Colour Party Colour Party
Labor Liberal
Country/National Liberal National
Country Liberal United Australia
CPNP Nationalist
Free Trade/Anti-Socialist Commonwealth Liberal
Progressive Liberal and Country League
Liberal Protectionist
Opposition Liberal Reform
Nonpartisan, and consensus government Ministerial


Year WA SA Qld NSW Vic Tas
1856 1st 1st 1st
1857 1st
1858 2nd
1859 3rd 2nd
1860 2nd 1st 4th
1861 3rd 2nd
1862 3rd 3rd
1863 2nd
1864 4th
1865 4th 5th
1866 5th 4th
1867 3rd
1868 5th 4th 6th
1870 6th 5th 6th
1871 7th 6th 7th 5th
1872 7th 6th
1873 7th
1874 8th
1875 8th 8th
1877 9th 9th 7th
1878 9th 8th
1879 10th
1880 10th 11th
1881 10th
1882 11th 8th
1883 9th 12th
1884 11th
1885 12th
1886 13th 9th
1887 12th 13th
1888 10th
1889 14th 14th
1890 1st 13th
1891 15th 10th
1892 15th
1893 14th 11th 11th
1894 2nd 16th 16th
1895 17th
1896 15th 12th
1897 3rd 17th 12th
1898 18th
1899 16th 13th
1900 18th 13th
Year WA SA Qld NSW Vic Tas


Year WA SA Qld NSW Vic Tas   Federal
1901 4th 19th 1st
1902 17th 14th 19th
1903 14th 2nd
1904 5th 15th 20th 20th
1905 6th 18th
1906 19th 15th 3rd
1907 16th 21st 21st
1908 7th 17th 22nd
1909 18th 16th
1910 20th 22nd 4th
1911 8th 23rd
1912 21st 19th 17th
1913 23rd 18th 5th
1914 9th 24th 6th
1915 22nd 20th
1916 19th
1917 10th 24th 25th 7th
1918 23rd 21st
1919 20th 8th
1920 22nd 25th 26th
1921 11th 24th 27th
1922 26th 21st 9th
1923 23rd
1924 12th 25th 28th
1925 27th 22nd 10th
1926 24th
1927 13th 26th 28th 29th
1928 23rd 11th
1929 25th 30th 12th
1930 14th 27th 29th
1931 24th 13th
1932 26th 30th 31st
1933 15th 28th
1934 25th 14th
1935 27th 31st 32nd
1936 16th
1937 33rd 26th 15th
1938 29th 28th 32nd
1939 17th
1940 34th 16th
1941 30th 29th 33rd 27th
1943 18th 35th 17th
1944 31st 30th 34th
1945 36th
1946 28th 18th
1947 19th 32nd 31st 35th 37th
1948 29th
1949 19th
1950 20th 33rd 32nd 36th 38th 30th
1951 20th
1952 39th
1953 21st 34th 33rd 37th
1954 21st
1955 40th 31st 22nd
1956 22nd 35th 34th 38th 32nd
1957 35th
1958 41st 23rd
1959 23rd 36th 39th 33rd
1960 36th
1961 42nd 24th
1962 24th 37th 40th
1963 37th 25th
1964 43rd 34th
1965 25th 38th 41st
1966 38th 26th
1967 44th
1968 26th 39th 42nd
1969 39th 35th 27th
1970 40th 45th
1971 27th 43rd
1972 40th 36th 28th
1973 41st 44th 46th
Year WA SA Qld NSW Vic Tas   Federal


Year WA SA NT Qld NSW ACT Vic Tas NI   Federal
1974 28th 1st 41st 29th
1975 42nd 30th
1976 45th 47th 37th
1977 29th 43rd 2nd 42nd 31st
1978 46th
1979 44th 48th 38th 1st
1980 30th 3rd 43rd 32nd
1981 47th 2nd
1982 45th 49th 39th
1983 31st 4th 44th 3rd 33rd
1984 48th 34th
1985 46th 50th
1986 32nd 45th 40th 4th
1987 5th 35th
1988 49th 51st
1989 33rd 47th 46th 1st 41st 5th
1990 6th 36th
1991 50th
1992 47th 2nd 52nd 42nd 6th
1993 34th 48th 37th
1994 7th 7th
1995 48th 51st 3rd
1996 35th 53rd 43rd 38th
1997 49th 8th 8th
1998 49th 4th 44th 39th
1999 52nd 54th
2000 9th
2001 36th 9th 50th 5th 10th 40th
2002 50th 55th 45th
2003 53rd
2004 51st 6th 11th 41st
2005 37th 10th
2006 51st 52nd 56th 46th
2007 54th 12th 42nd
2008 38th 11th 7th
2009 53rd
2010 52nd 57th 47th 13th 43rd
2011 55th
2012 12th 54th 8th
2013 39th 14th 44th
2014 53rd 58th 48th
2015 55th 56th
2016 13th 9th 45th
2017 40th 56th
2018 54th 59th 49th
2019 57th 46th
2020 next next next
2021 next
2022 next next next 47th
2023 next
Year WA SA NT Qld NSW ACT Vic Tas NI   Federal

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