Timeline of Colonial America

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Pre-Columbian era, to 1500[edit]

Age of Discovery, 1420–1550[edit]

Reign of Elizabeth I of England, 1558–1603[edit]

Reign of James I of England, 1603–25[edit]

Reign of Charles I of England, 1625–49[edit]

English Interregnum, 1649–60[edit]

Reign of Charles II of England, 1660–85[edit]

Reign of James II of England, 1685–89[edit]

Reign of William III and Mary II of England, 1689–1694[edit]

Reign of William III of England (as sole monarch), 1694-1702[edit]

Reign of Anne, Queen of Great Britain, 1702–14[edit]

Reign of George I of Great Britain, 1714–27[edit]

Reign of George II of Great Britain, 1727–60[edit]

Reign of George III of Great Britain, 1760–83[edit]

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