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Timeline of Eastern | Western philosophers

This is a wide-ranging alphabetical list of philosophers from the Eastern traditions of philosophy, with special interest in Indo-Chinese philosophy. The list stops at the year 1950, after which philosophers fall into the category of contemporary philosophy.


Chinese philosophers[edit]

Ancient Chinese philosophers[edit]

Before 256 BCE (until the end of the Zhou dynasty)[edit]

475–221 BCE (Warring States period)[edit]

221 BCE – 220 CE (Qin, Han and Xin dynasties)[edit]

220 CE – 907 CE (Three Kingdoms period to Tang dynasty)[edit]

907–1368 (Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period to Yuan dynasty)[edit]

1368–1912 (Ming and Qing dynasties)[edit]

Modern Chinese philosophers[edit]


Indian philosophers[edit]

Ancient philosophers[edit]

600–400 BCE (Sectarianism)[edit]

321–184 BCE (Maurya Empire)[edit]

184 BCE–100 CE (Early Middle Kingdoms Begin – The Golden Age)[edit]

100–300 (Cholas, Cheras, Pandavas and Kushan Empire)[edit]

300–550 (Gupta Empire)[edit]

600–900 (Late Middle Kingdoms – The Classical Age)[edit]

900–1100 (The Islamic Sultanates)[edit]

1100–1500 (Vijaynagara Empire and Delhi Sultanate)[edit]

1500–1800 (Mughal Empire, Rajput Kingdoms and Marahtha Confederacy Era)[edit]

Modern Indian philosophers[edit]

1800–1947 (Colonial and Postcolonial Era)[edit]

Japanese philosophers[edit]

Ancient Japanese philosophers[edit]

Until 1185 CE (until the end of the Heian period)[edit]

1185–1333 (Kamakura period)[edit]

1333–1867 (Muromachi period to Edo period)[edit]

Modern Japanese philosophers[edit]


Korean philosophers[edit]

Ancient Korean philosophers[edit]

Until 676 CE (until the end of the Three Kingdoms period)[edit]

676–935 (Unified Silla period)[edit]

935–1392 (Goryeo period)[edit]

1392–1910 (Joseon period)[edit]

Modern Korean philosophers[edit]


Tibetan philosophers[edit]

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