Timeline of Quebec history (1931–59)

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History of Quebec
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Territory of Quebec

This section of the Timeline of Quebec history concerns the events relating to the province of Quebec, Canada between the Westminster statute and the "Quiet Revolution."


  • 1931 - "Shadows on the Rock", a book by eminent Canadian author Andrew Edwards (1931) describes French-Canadian Roman Catholic life in 17th-century Québec.
  • 1931 - The Statute of Westminster provided that all existing dominions of the British Empire, and all new dominions created thereafter, were fully independent of the United Kingdom so that the British Parliament no longer had legislative authority over them. The exceptions were Newfoundland, which was already showing signs of collapse (the Newfoundland dominion government was suspended in 1935 and direct rule from London was instituted until Newfoundlanders voted to join Canada in 1949); and the Dominion of Canada, which had specifically requested exclusion from the independence provisions of the Statute of Westminster because the federal and provincial governments could not agree on an amending formula for the Canadian constitution.
  • 1931 - Quebec general election: Liberals win.
  • 1935 - Quebec general election: Liberals win.
  • 1936 - The Vimy Ridge Memorial opens in honour of the thousands of Canadians who died on the battlefields of France.
  • 1936 - The federal government of Canada starts printing bilingual currency.
  • 1936 - Quebec general election: Union Nationale wins.
  • 1937 - Death of André Besette on January 6. He promoted the construction of Saint Joseph's Oratory.
  • 1938 - The Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society raised a petition of 128,000 names, demanding further restrictions on Jews in Canada. (See Anti-Semitism in Canada).
  • 1939 - Canada's participation in World War II begins: Canada declares war on Germany on September 10.
  • 1939 - Quebec general election: Liberals win.
  • 1939 - Quebec adopts the motto Je me souviens (I remember).
  • 1939 To 1945 - Volunteer army and air force units from Quebec — some francophone, some anglophone — fight with merit in Europe.




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