Timeline of Tajikistani history

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This is a timeline of Tajikistani history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in Tajikistan and its predecessor states. To read about the background to these events, see History of Tajikistan.

15th century[edit]

Year Date Event
1405 February 19 Timur died.

16th century[edit]

Year Date Event
1506 Turks annex the Timurid Empire.
1526 Mughal Empire was established.
1598 End of Turkic rule.

17th century[edit]

Year Date Event
1605 Vali Muhammad Khan became leader of the Ashtarkhanid dynasty.
1632 Imam Quli Khan died.

18th century[edit]

Year Date Event
1709 The Khanate of Kokand was formed.
1736 January 22 The Afsharid dynasty formed.
1740 Nader Shah conquered the Janid Khanate.
1747 Nader Shah died.
1796 Death of Shahrokh Shah.

19th century[edit]

Year Date Event
1830 January 12 Beginning of the Great Game.
1839 March First Anglo-Afghan War: The war began.
1842 October First Anglo-Afghan War: The war ended with Afghanistan claiming victory.
1845 December 11 First Anglo-Sikh War: The war began.
1846 January 28 Battle of Aliwal: The battle took place.
March 9 The Treaty of Lahore was signed.
First Anglo-Sikh War: The war ended with Britain claiming victory.
1868 Most of Tajikistan was incorporated into the Russian Empire.
1883 The Khanate of Kokand collapsed.

20th century[edit]

Year Date Event
1918 February The city of Kokand was assaulted by the Bolsheviks
1920 Tajikistan left the Russian Empire.
Tajikistan became a part of the Soviet Union.
1924 December 7 Formation of the first militia in Tajikistan.
1936 December 5 Tajik Socialist Soviet Republic was renamed to Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic.
1953 March Stalin died.
1961 November 10 The city of Stalinabad, was renamed to Dushanbe.
1991 August 31 Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic was renamed to Republic of Tajikistan.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan left.
1992 May 5 Civil war in Tajikistan: A civil war began.
1993 February 23 Armed Forces of the Republic of Tajikistan was founded.
1994 November 16 Emomali Rahmon became the 3rd president of Tajikistan.
1997 June 27 Civil war in Tajikistan: The civil war ended.

21st century[edit]

Year Date Event
2013 November 6 A presidential election took place.
2017 February 19 Tajikistan participated at the 2017 Asian Winter Games.
2018 May 18 Death of Mumin Kanoat.