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  • 30,600 BC – Pestle used as a tool in southern Italy to grind oats.[1]

Neolithic Revolution[edit]


  • 2600 BC – Large-scale commercial timbering of cedars in Phoenicia (Lebanon) for export to Egypt and Sumeria. Similar commercial timbering in South India.
  • 1700 BC – Wind powered machine developed by Babylonians
  • 1300 BC – Creation of canal linking the Nile delta to the Red Sea
  • 691 BC – First aqueduct (approx. 50 miles long) constructed to bring water to Nineveh.
  • 530 BC – Tunnel of Eupalinos first underground aqueduct
  • 500 BC – The moldboard iron plough is invented in China
  • 500 BC – Row cultivation of crops using intensive hoeing to weed and conserve moisture practised in China
  • 300 BC – Efficient trace harness for plowing invented in China
  • 200 BC – Efficient collar harness for plowing invented in China
  • 100 BC – Rotary winnowing fan invented in China
  • 100 BC – The multi-tube seed drill is invented in China
  • AD 200 – The fishing reel invented in China
  • 600 – The distillation of alcohol in China
  • 607 – The Chinese begin constructing a massive canal system to connect the Yellow and Yangtze rivers

Modern technological advances[edit]

Green Revolution[edit]

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