Timeline of architectural styles

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Architectural styleArchitecture timeline

This timeline shows the periods of various styles of architecture in a graphical fashion.


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Hoysala architecture Architecture of Kievan Rus' Romanesque architecture Norman architecture Mudéjar Gothic architecture Russian architecture Sondergotik Renaissance architecture Tudor style architecture Manueline Renaissance architecture#High Renaissance Mannerism Russian architecture Baroque architecture Palladian architecture Naryshkin Baroque Petrine Baroque Georgian architecture Neoclassical architecture Gothic Revival architecture Pombaline style Federal architecture Russian Revival architecture Victorian architecture Romanesque Revival architecture Queen Anne Style architecture Modern architecture Bauhaus International style architecture Postmodern architecture Structural Expressionism


  • 8000 years - The last 1000 years (fine grid) is expanded in the timeline above
Neolithic architecture Architecture of Mesopotamia Ancient Egyptian architecture Architecture of Mesopotamia Ancient Greek architecture Roman architecture Byzantine architecture Moorish architecture

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