Timeline of electronic music genres

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A timeline of electronic music genres with date of origin, locale of origin, and music samples.

Genre Date of origin Locale of origin Music sample
Ambient Early 1970s United Kingdom
Industrial music September 3, 1975 [1] United Kingdom
Hi-NRG 1977–80 United States
Space disco ~1977 Europe
Synthpop 1977–79 Germany, Japan, England
Breakbeat 1970s United States

Chiptune Late 1970s–early 1980s Japan
Electro Early 1980s United States (New York & Detroit)
Italo disco Early 1980s Italy, Spain
New Beat Mid-1980s Belgium
House music Mid-1980s Chicago, United States
Techno Mid 1980s Detroit, United States
Acid house Late 1980s United Kingdom (England - London/Manchester)
Deep house Late 1980s United States
Rave Early 1990s United Kingdom
Drum and bass, Jungle Early 1990s United Kingdom (England - London/Bristol)
Trance music, Goa trance Late 1980s, Early 1990s Germany

Hardcore early 1990s Netherlands
Dubstep Late 1990s—early 2000s London, England, United Kingdom

Glitch music 1990s Germany

Hardstyle Late 1990s, early 2000s The Netherlands, Italy
Trap music 2000s Atlanta, Georgia
Synthwave 2000s US, France
CEDM 2000s Worldwide
Electro house 2000s Worldwide


  1. ^ In the interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-52cFgFNlRc at 21:46, Genesis P-Orridge, for the first time, specifies the origin date and origin location of the term Industrial Music - Monte Cazassa and Genesis P-Orridge coined the term Industrial Music on Sept 3, 1975 in a park in The London Borough of Hackney, UK.