Timeline of political parties in the United Kingdom

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The following timeline of political parties in the United Kingdom shows the period during which various parties were active, from their date of establishment to their date of dissolution. Defunct parties are shown in green, and currently active parties are shown in pink. An asterisk or dagger indicates that the exact year of establishment or dissolution, respectively, is not certain. Where a party has changed its name over the course of its existence, only the most recent name is given.

Established before 1900[edit]

Established between 1900 and 1924[edit]

Established between 1925 and 1949[edit]

Established between 1950 and 1974[edit]

Established between 1975 and 1999[edit]

Established since 2000[edit]

Freedom Democrats People's Administration Direct Democracy Party Pirate Party UK Miss Great Britain Party Llais Gwynedd Libertarian Party (United Kingdom) Free England Party Scottish Voice Left Alternative Solidarity (Scotland) Roman Party Ave! Popular Alliance (UK) Equal Parenting Alliance East Kilbride Alliance Boston Bypass Independents Socialist Alliance (England) Publican Party One London Nationalist Alliance Democratic Socialist Alliance British People's Party (2005) Blaenau Gwent People's Voice Group Senior Citizens Party Scottish Enterprise Party Respect - The Unity Coalition Red Party (UK) Peace and Progress Party Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) Christian Party (UK) The New Party (UK) Socialist Environmental Alliance Scottish Senior Citizens Unity Party John Marek Independent Party Independent Green Voice Idle Toad Forward Wales Fishing Party (Scotland) England First Party Alliance for Green Socialism English Democrats Party Community Action Party UK Freedom Party Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern Cymru Rydd Cymru Annibynnol Countryside Party (UK) Balchder Cymru

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