Timeline of the Argentine Civil Wars

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Argentine Civil Wars
Guerra Civil.jpg
From top left: Battle of Arroyo Grande, execution of Manuel Dorrego, Battle of Pavón, death of Juan Lavalle, murder of Facundo Quiroga, Battle of Caseros, Battle of Famaillá, Battle of Vuelta de Obligado.
Date 1814-1876
Location Argentina
Result Federalization of Buenos Aires
Sanction of a federal Constitution
Flag of Artigas.svg Federales
Flag of the National Party (Uruguay).svg Blancos
Flag of Unitarian Party (Navy).svg Unitarians
Flag of Colorado Party (Uruguay).svg Colorados
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Artigas.svg Juan Manuel de Rosas
Flag of Artigas.svg Manuel Dorrego  
Flag of Artigas.svg Justo José de Urquiza  
Flag of Artigas.svg Francisco Ramírez  
Flag of Artigas.svg Facundo Quiroga 
Flag of Artigas.svg Chacho Peñaloza 
Flag of the National Party (Uruguay).svg Manuel Oribe
Flag of Unitarian Party (Navy).svg Bartolomé Mitre
Flag of Unitarian Party (Navy).svg Bernardino Rivadavia
Flag of Unitarian Party (Navy).svg Juan Lavalle 
Flag of Unitarian Party (Navy).svg José María Paz  (POW)
Flag of Unitarian Party (Navy).svg Domingo Faustino Sarmiento
Flag of Colorado Party (Uruguay).svg Fructuoso Rivera

The Argentine Civil Wars were a series of internecine wars that took place in Argentina from 1814 to 1876. These conflicts were separate from the Argentine War of Independence (1810 — 1820), though they first arose during this period.

The main antagonists were, on a geographical level, Buenos Aires Province against the other provinces of modern Argentina, and on a political level, the Federal Party against the Unitarian Party. The central cause of the conflict was the excessive centralism advanced by Buenos Aires leaders and, for a long period, the monopoly on the use of the Port of Buenos Aires as the sole means for international commerce. Other participants at specific times included Uruguay, and the British and French empires, notably in the French blockade of the Río de la Plata of 1838 and in the Anglo-French blockade of the Río de la Plata that ended in 1850.





  • Mendoza and Córdoba join the Federal Pact.


  • Santiago del Estero, La Rioja, Tucumán, Salta, San Luis, Catamarca and San Juan join the Federal Pact.
  • Rosas declines a reelection as governor, the legislature elects Juan Ramón Balcarce.





  • Fructuoso Rivera starts a rebellion against Uruguayan president Manuel Oribe. Birth of the two main Uruguayan parties: Colorados (for Rivera) and Blancos (for Oribe).




  • Rivera declares war to Argentina
  • Berón de Estrada, governor of Corrientes, declares war to Rosas. He was defeated by Echagüe at Pago Largo.
  • Juan Lavalle invades Entre Ríos
  • Failed conspiracy of Ramón Maza against Rosas. The Mazorca kills Manuel Maza during the conflict.
  • Revolution of the "Libres del Sur"