Timeline of the European colonization of North America

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This is a chronology and timeline of the colonization of North America, with founding dates of selected European settlements. See also European colonization of the Americas.[1][2][3]

Before Columbus[edit]

Late fifteenth century[edit]

Sixteenth century[edit]

Seventeenth century[edit]

Map of the northern part and parts of the southern parts of the Americas, from the mouth of the Saint Laurent River to the Island of Cayenne,with the new discoveries of the Mississippi (or Colbert) River. This map shows the results of the expeditions of Father Marquette and L. Jolliet (1673) and the Cavelier de la Salle expedition in the Mississippi valley. The map shows three forts built between 1679 and 1680: Conty fort (near Niagara Falls), Miamis Fort (south of Michigan lake), and Crèvecœur fort (Left bank of the Illinois River). Mississippi river course is only shown upstream of the Ohio confluence. Map by French Claude Bernou in 1681.

Eighteenth century[edit]

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